Ebay find for the camper: vintage chrome airplane

Fall camping

new vintage canisters

vintage percolator and art deco martini shaker

1962 27' camper pink sink blasted & ready for aqua blue powder coat.

Panoramic Interior


Campground in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

On the road again.

Vintage fiberglass whip stitch shades.

New vintage lamps for the campers! Fantastic!

Newly painted tanks to match camper

Heading the cabin with chicks and chicken pen

amber shellac & poly!

amber shellac & poly!
amber shellac & poly!

wall panels up

Gearing up for the camper!

Car and Tractor Show

Car and Tractor Show
Withrow Car & Tractor Show
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Photos Of The 27' Yellowstone Restoration Progress

Strip the old varnish off the walls then 3 coats of amber shellac finished with 7 (yes 7) coats of gloss poly.

refinished walls, vintage light, vintage mirror, new retro style vinyl shower walls. New sink and cabinet yet to come. Tub white enamel finish.

Scored a pair of vintage whip stitch lamps with night light bases.

Removed the broken fuel oil furnace and started the refinishing of the ceilings.

All the dry old birch cabinet doors have been stained, shellaced and gloss polyed.

Removed the countertop to get at all the plumbing, electrical and put in a new retro boomerang formica. Doesn't look very appealing right now, does it?

Replaced all the lights with period style mid-century modern sconces - pretty cool atomic era lamps.

Strip and stain the nightstand.

Refinishing the tub. Goo Gone by the gallon and scraping the 45 year old non-slip flowers off the bottom. Ick. Sprayed with appliance paint.

Rose and I backing the rig into the barn in early December before the snow storm hits. She did an incredible job guiding it up and into the barn on the first try. Great job kid.

Interior destruction. New under cabinet lighting.

More tear out. Carpet, water damaged birch panels, some framing rot will be replaced. Exterior maker lights rewired and new dual axles.

The fleet on tear out day.

Day 1: Grace and I doing tear out. Goodbye original sleeper sofa, carpet, curtains, bed.

The original interior.

Purchase Day: Picked up the new restoration project in Bloomer WI. Yes, pink and brown painted with house paint. Here we go again with a stripping & auto paint project. I drove it immediately to town to get new tires (dry rot on the originals with 1 of the 4 tires a completely different size).

Some inspiration reference.
Click on slideshow to view a larger slideshow of the restored 1964 16' Yellowstone camper.